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  • The vision is really motivating

    Love everything about MeaVana - rockstar company, you'll go places! The vision is really motivating, enjoying the new Android app (seems very early stage, bit buggy, but enormous potential). Personally enjoying switching my background topics, the quotes masterfully match the pictures, and the crypto integration is awesome, reminding me to track my BTC and ETH. Overall, seems like a full-on app, instead of a simple start page like Momentum, which I used to use...

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    James Gunt
  • The interface is way beautiful!

    This extension is not only convenient, it's also smooth.....and the interface is way beautiful

    Avatar of Writer
    Ogechukwu Ada Lorretta Anoliefo
  • Best design and accessibility.

    Best design that i have seen in Chrome Extensions. Best accessibility.

    Avatar of Writer
    Malik Ahmed Awan
  • Great Experience with Notes, Todos, Weather..etc

    The experience of using MeaVana has been great so far, since it has all features that a user can expect like you can write notes, can have a to do list created for the day, see weather without going on to google and searching for it and do what not.

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    Anish mittal
  • MeaVana serves daily motivation with daily new pictures & quotes

    Absolutely love it ! Its the best app, very easy to use, lots of features and serves daily motivation with daily new pictures & quotes. Must try !

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    Anushka rajpurohit
  • It gives you the option to modify and brighten up your dashboard

    MeaVana is a potent productivity extension that adds a lot of useful features to the usual, dull start page. It facilitates easier searching and gives you the option to modify and brighten up your dashboard. I adore changing my backdrop topics according to my preferences with numerous useful links I use every day.

    Avatar of Writer
    Armeen Ali
  • Love the customizability

    Love how customizable MeaVana is!!

    Avatar of Writer
    Brea Dutt
  • Best extension!

    The MeaVana dashboard is the best extension, I have came across in my life. Super and I love it!!!

    Avatar of Writer
    chadrack buliamu
  • Many Features and Widgets!

    Everything I was looking for in an extension without realizing it. Includes so many features and widgets that I never knew I needed in my browser. Plus they keep adding more! I would highly recommend this product.

    Avatar of Writer
    Chris Morley
  • Great online search experience

    Great set of features to view enhance my online search experience, can't wait to see what's next

    Avatar of Writer
    Greg Garraway
  • You can customize your dashboard and make it interesting

    MeaVana is a powerful productivity extension. It helps in making your search easier. You can customize your dashboard and make it interesting.

    Avatar of Writer
    Gurpreet Singh Sandhu
  • Best extension used so far.

    Exquisite design, best one i have seen in chrome extensions. Functions are superb!

    Avatar of Writer
    Hammas Rathore