Frequently asked Questions

The most common questions about how your MeaVana works and what it can do for you

Why was MeaVana created?
We saw that our mobile phones were effectively dashboardized, but our browsers were not. We were tired of seeing the blank empty space every time we opened a new tab. With these observations, MeaVana was born.
How do I get in touch?
Feel free to email or use our Contact Form.
Why should I use MeaVana?
MeaVana provides a rich online experience through a beautiful daily background visual, streamlined digital desktop basics, and deep, rich functionality.
How can I use MeaVana?
Install us with a single click at Click Me and enjoy!
Where can I follow MeaVana on social media?
How much does MeaVana cost?
MeaVana is completely free (for the time being) - so hurry up and get your access!
What are the terms of using MeaVana?
Are there any privacy issues with using MeaVana?
MeaVana takes extreme pains to protect its user's privacy. You can find our detailed policies in Privacy Policy.
What is the team behind MeaVana?
MeaVana was founded by a team with a very strong track record in the startup tech space. It is founder run, and the core team comprises extremely passionate and committed people who are hungry to make an impact.
Where can I learn about the features that MeaVana offers?
Check out our Tours page!
How do I join the team?
We are always on the lookout for passionate people. Feel free to drop us a note at: and check out our careers page.
Where did the name MeaVana come from?
"Mea" is my in Latin, "Vana" is "revival" in slang, and "forest" in Hindi. Just like "Nirvana" is your place of perfect peace, "MeaVana" is intended to be your digital sanctuary.
What is MeaVana topic?
A MeaVana topic includes daily background wallpapers, relevant quotes, and a pre-customize feature set. MeaVana has hundreds of topics to choose from, and many more coming. MeaVana has several top performing topics (including landscapes, zen, wildlife, and space), several fandom topics like Lionel Messi and Lord of the Rings, and also several artists, photographers etc creating their own topics