Our Purpose: Learn About MeaVana and Our Mission

What is MeaVana?
Transform your boring Chrome with the exciting MeaVana Chrome Extension. MeaVana is your all-the-time, all-the-basics dashboard. We provide a rich experience through a beautiful daily background visual, streamlined digital desktop basics, and deep, rich functionality.
Transform your Chrome, Choose your Topic
, and Customize Your Features
- it's as easy as that.
Our Mission
MeaVana is working towards building the world's most customizable personal dashboard. The bigger vision, as the name MeaVana itself suggests, is to build an entire digital ecosystem to start your online journey, whatever device you're on.
How We Started our journey?
We saw that our mobile phones were effectively dashboardized, but our browsers were not. We were tired of seeing the blank empty space every time we opened a new tab. With these observations, MeaVana was born, and there has been no looking back since.
The MeaVana Team
MeaVana is run by a passionate group of entrepreneurs committed to transforming your online browsing experience. The team is fully global and remote.