Develop a Conscious Life with MeaVana’s “Drink Your Tea” Dashboard

Develop a Conscious Life with MeaVana’s “Drink Your Tea” Dashboard
1 year ago3 min read

Tea is everywhere on the planet and in every culture, representing a unique tea culture. It has different sources, flavors, and benefits; it has medicinal and holistic values; it can be enjoyed socially or alone, and in any season and occasion. A famous martial artist in old China was once asked which tea was the best according to him. He answered that there are so many types of tea with different benefits and beauty that none of them is better – they all fulfill their functions in nature.

MeaVana's "Drink Your Tea" dashboard is not about drinking tea per se but about how you drink your tea, promoting spiritual growth and consciousness raising. Enjoy a variety of artistic, inspiring, Zen, and unique pictures of tea cups as daily backgrounds in your daily practice. Be one with your tea, be in the Now, take a moment to turn inward and reconnect with who you truly are. Don't try to change the world that day but change yourself and your gaze on life. It's all about your relationship with tea and engaging in tea meditation on that day.

Why tea and not coffee? Because MeaVana's "Drink Your Tea" dashboard is based on Zen mind, and tea is always present in Zen stories, reflecting the essence of tea culture, like in this one: A samurai decides to learn about Zen and goes to meet a Zen master in a high mountain temple. As the Zen master pours tea in the samurai's cup, the samurai keeps talking and talking nonstop about what he knows. The Zen master continues to pour tea, and the samurai watches in surprise as the tea overflows the cup. To which, the Zen master replies: "Your mind is like this cup. So full that nothing else can get in."

In addition, MeaVana's "Drink Your Tea" dashboard is based on a Myoku Zen quote: "If coffee wakes you up, tea awakens you." "Drink Your Tea" wishes to contribute to raising your consciousness and encouraging spiritual growth with a Zen koan aligned with a different picture of tea every day. Enjoy a tea-break with each click for a new tab and make the Zen koan of the day resonate in you. Don't worry about finding the answer; the journey through the koan is more important. Raise your consciousness and live a conscious life for you and for humanity through daily practice and embracing the Zen mind. Namaste.

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