Embrace a Peaceful Mind with MeaVana’s Dashboard

Embrace a Peaceful Mind with MeaVana’s Dashboard
9 months ago2 min read

We all desire a peaceful mind in our lives. But the price to pay is to stop thinking.

“I think therefore I am” is the beginning of philosophy as Zen master Seung Sahn pointed out nicely and answered this quote with “If I don’t think, then what?” That is the beginning of Zen: the journey to inner peace. Of course, the brain cannot stop thinking in a literal sense as we are always stimulated by the world around us whether it is in the city or in nature. Practicing non-attachment to your ideas or the narrative you create in your head about things around you and people is the key to a peaceful mind. If you truly want inner peace, drop all your preconceived ideas and judgments, and just experience the moment for what it is, as if you were a newborn who experienced for the first time the sound of raindrops against the window, or the dog’s barking or birds’ chirping. For the newborn, they are all sounds with no like or dislike attached to them. Let the peaceful mind emerge naturally.

MeaVana's Peaceful Mind dashboard offers you a chance to gaze at peaceful images with no expectation, no preconceived ideas, and simply let yourself be in the moment, in harmony with the picture of the day. Breathe in… breathe out and enjoy the journey to inner peace. Conscious quotes accompanying the peaceful images serve as signposts guiding you, and the more you practice non-attachment to your thoughts and worries, the more space can be created in your mind. And a peaceful mind settles within you. Breathe in…breathe out and enjoy the journey.

  • The world is big. But the path to peacefulness will make us come together. Do you see me on the bridge? I salute you, wherever you are.
  • We say that if you hear the bell from afar, bow to your true self. Do you hear it while walking on the beach?
  • Have you ever looked closely at a dew drop? In the infinitely small you reach the infinitely large of the universe. Awaken now!

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