How to start doing anything in 5 minutes

How to start doing anything in 5 minutes
11 months ago4 min read

Starting anything is a tedious task. No, I am not joking, it's actually challenging if you have thought of doing something at least 10 times a day.

There are always some important chores and something that you would have wanted to do for a very very long time or something that you might have started but have given enough hiccups of procrastination that you don't want to even think about it.

ell, then this post is definitely for you. If you look in hindsight, we tend to do things which usually gives us result or gives a dopamine kick.

For me, going to the gym and hitting those weights was the most difficult task for the first two months. I just didn't want to go. Once, I started getting the results, I started paying attention towards my exercises, then forms, then the diet, then being conscious of the things I love to eat the most.

Now, how to start anything doesn't mean we will give you any kind of cheat code towards starting that multi-million-dollar business idea.

These are 4 simple and easy steps which once done can reap great results.

1. most of us don't want to do the work, not because it is tough, it is because that thing is super lengthy!

Start cutting the work into pieces or chunks and working on them. This way your mind would find the work to be less lengthy and voila, you can do the work easily.

Diluting the entire thing into small chunks will help your brain to do more. It will help you complete the task easily.

See, there can be a very good chance that you would be able to complete these small tasks that you have created for yourself, but it's completely fine. Start by doing at least 5-6 tasks out of 10 and then work your way up.

Because remember, you weren’t doing even a single thing before, and not it something more!

~just to add to it, try batching your work into time frames of 25 minutes and use the world-famous Pomodoro technique

shamless plug- use MeaVana's to-do list feature to note down all the tasks and rock'em all

2. There's a famous saying, it's either by hook or by crook

In hindsight, Parkinson's law works on the same model, it ultimately means, the time that you give yourself to complete the task is the time you will take to complete the task.

Remember those last-minute assignments which you used to always forget and do at the last time and submit them right before the deadline, well this is just the same.

you can apply that thing, within your life as well. setting the deadlines within yourself for the amount of work to be finished and most importantly, sticking by it, will make you do wonders!

This method will force you to work, even if you stay up for your deadline! Even on times, when you don't even want to work.

but it would really help to leave your habit of procrastinating on everything.

3. if you look around, you would see that everybody is looking for a reward system, people go and work and get rewarded in the form of salary or profit or kind, or maybe something for a student.

There's always this one activity, something we try to do every single day. for me it's playing games, even though I am pretty average at it, still, I play.

Start aligning your goals with these rewards and play accordingly.

You will have a great sense of accomplishment over completing all of the stuff and feel super great.

4. Sometimes, it is not about the length of the work, the rewards or how tough the work is. It's about the mind.

The mind plays a super important role while doing any task. We all have that moment when we think, "Why am I doing this? what is the reason behind this, why me"

and we tend to have quality time, but this comes right from observation, in 7 of 10 situations, taking a motivation boost helps me get in the zone and work even harder.

You can try this too, try listening to some motivational videos, and remember some of the old things that fuel you up. Try to get the dopamine up and use it to your advantage.

Always use this as your last resort because that's when it is going to work the best. The remaining 3 situations are really the situations which might put a greater toll on your head.

Our Advice? Take rest and fuel back. Well, follow MeaVana for more!

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