Original Coffee Quotes - as seen on the "Coffee & Beyond" MeaVana

Original Coffee Quotes - as seen on the "Coffee & Beyond" MeaVana
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Welcome to a journey across the world with “Coffee & Beyond” quotes to enlighten your daily life whether you are a coffee lover or just a social coffee drinker.Here are unique quotes from Myoku© (A Zen Mind-Body Alignment with meditation and martial arts movements: www.myokucenter.com)

Myoku joined MeaVana to create an inspiring "Coffee and Beyond" dashboard that opens a window to the world of coffee shops, where architecture, ambiance, decor, history, and the exclusive taste of coffee merge to create unique and immersive experiences.

Enjoy the Myoku daily quotes and allow them to become your daily mantra with great pictures.Try MeaVana Dashboards for an inspiring experience of a state-of-the-art free Chrome extension: https://app.meavana.com/coffee-and-beyond

A simple espresso with a great story to tell.Listen, and have another cup!

Picture: Café Gijon (Spain)

I don't drink coffee to wake up. I wake up to drink coffee and listen to the world.

Picture: David B. Café (Russia)

Simplicity is powerful.Drink a cup of it, and let it ripple in your life.

Picture: Garden of Coffee (Ethiopia)

Imagine a world where coffee is a seal of peace.

Picture: Tomoca (Ethiopia)

Once upon a time in a far, far away land where black bears ruled coffee shops.

Picture: Oso negro (Canada)

Coffee for conscious evolution.

Picture: Studio 89 (Canada)

When the sun rises and the city slowly wakes up, only a coffee can make you smile.Good morning planet Earth!

Picture: Pikolo (Canada)

When coffee and art secretly and lovingly meet on a quiet fall afternoon.

Picture: Philosafy coffee (Canada)

Chocolate dessert is perfect with coffee for an elegant afternoon break.

Picture: Sacher café (Austria)

Coffee is not a shot of caffeine but an existential experience through all senses.

Picture: Don Café House (Kosovo)

Find the great environment to be inspired with a cup of coffee.

Picture: R Art of Coffee (Japan)

Not all cappuccinos are the same.Let the flavour of the coffee bean come to your lips.

Picture: Café Culture Coffee Roaster (CCCR) (Chile)

While cappuccino speaks to your heart, espresso speaks to your soul.Enjoy!

Picture: Negro Cueva de Café (Argentina)

The place may be crowded, but the special brew of coffee makes you expand your mind.

Picture: Baby Revolver Espresso (Bali)

Share your happy and less happy moments with great coffee and friends.

Picture: Coffee Culture (India)

Harmony of yin and yang in one coffee serving.What else do you want?Have a great day!

Picture: Habitual Café (Philippines)

Coffee is not to wake you up; it is a lifestyle.Stop a moment to enjoy the pink in life!

Picture: Froses (Turkey)

You can check in and out any time you like.But you can never leave the taste of great coffee.

Picture: Devocion (NYC)

Drink your coffee slowly, deeply, and in mindfulness. The sun rises East and sets West.Nothing more, nothing less.

Picture: Felix Roasting Co. (NYC)

Heaven = when art and great coffee are combined.

Picture: Simple Kaffa (Taiwan)

A peaceful coffee break, away from work and with gratitude in life. Takk!

Picture: Takk (UK)

When you sip your coffee, remind yourself of the history behind great coffee.A biography.

Picture: Cafe Florian (Italy)

Zen architecture. Zen decor.Clear your mind with a Zen coffee.

Picture: VCR (Malaysia)

Let the chaos sweep the streets like the wind; you're here.You're safe.The world can wait.

Picture: Café de Flore (France)

When you drink your favorite cup of coffee, remind yourself of where it comes from. From quality and from the heart.

Picture: The Coffee Collective (Denmark)

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