Peaceful Mind Quotes - as seen on the MeaVana "Peaceful Mind" dashboard

Peaceful Mind Quotes - as seen on the MeaVana "Peaceful Mind" dashboard
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Busy day and busy life.You need to create a peaceful space, have a peaceful mind.Here are inspiring daily quotes from Myoku© (A Zen Mind-Body Alignment with meditation and martial arts movements: to support you in your daily life.

Myoku joined MeaVana to create a unique "Peaceful Mind" dashboard to help you maintain your Zen journey to peacefulness.Enjoy the great combination of quotes and selected pictures whenever you face your laptop.Keep a peaceful mind amid chaos around you.

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The wind blows, sand dust in the air, but you become one with the dunes and the sky.

Picture: Peaceful Mind

The first gate of consciousness is to believe in your true Self, not simply know that it exists. Reconnect.


There are many ways to reach home.But the fastest is to quiet the ego, and there you are!


If you don't know who you are, you will end up where society wants you to be.If you know who you are, you will end up where you are supposed to be.


To attain wisdom, you must understand that the whole universe is created by mind alone. (Based on a koan from the Kwan Um School of Zen.)

Picture:Light Gravity

If you search for the meaning of your life, be still and become One; then searching becomes meaningless.

Picture:Theta Mind

Follow your breath to your center, and all your doubts and fears will vanish.

Picture:Delta Mind

A mind that does not attach to duality is a quiet mind.

Picture:Alpha Mind

Feel the power in your life through a single gaze to the horizon.


Be strongly soft like the bamboo that bends in the furious wind but never breaks.

Picture:Strong Chi

Drop all your illusions and feel the lightness between heaven and earth.

Picture:Heaven & Earth

When you hear the bell ring, bow to your true Self.


Whether you believe it or not, the fairies will continue to illuminate your path.Do you see them?

Picture:Fairy Tale

If you break the walls of the self (ego), you will become infinite in time and space. (Kwan Um School of Zen)

Picture:Empty Mind

Attain your inner silence, and even in the dog's barking you will hear the universe.

Picture:Inner Silence

Be aware of what arises in your mind but don't attach to anything:that's strong meditation.

Picture:Zen Garden

The universe is always before you; infinitely small is infinitely large. (Hsin Shin Ming)


Let your mind ride the waves, then you and the ocean become One.

Picture:Riding the Wave

Mind and body are one consciousness. Don't let anything pull you down.Raise your consciousness.


Breathe in, Hold, Breathe out, and enjoy your experience of the Now.A mindset outside of time.


On the path to self-realization, keep your mind peaceful.You will always meet new friends.


The universe is an open field of wonders for everyone who understands that there is no "I" but only One consciousness.

Picture:Walking Meditation

Mind and body are One energy controlled by the breath.Breathe deeply and softly like the wind blowing over the Wudang mountains.


Ripples in the sand mirror ripples of thoughts in your mind.Develop a strong center and they will dissipate.

Picture:Quieting the Mind

If you want to take something, you must first allow it to be given. (Tao Te Ching)

Picture:The Truth

To reach the horizon, you drop into your inner silence, and only then, the horizon comes to you.

Picture: Centering

Fluidity of the mind is fluidity of the body.Cultivate the Zen art of "no thinking mind."


In the infinitely small you reach the infinitely large of the universe.Awaken now!

Picture:Drew Drop

Align mind and body to stay centered and grounded through time and space (any time, any place).


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