Tea Quotes - As seen on the MeaVana "Drink Your Tea" dashboard

Tea Quotes - As seen on the MeaVana "Drink Your Tea" dashboard
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Zen questions offered as conscious quotes.They are meant to awaken you, to take you out of the illusion. These conscious quotes are based on Zen teaching from the Kwan Um School of Zen. From East to West, from morning tea to afternoon tea, from Zen tea to social tea, create a moment of mindfulness in your day. Myoku (www.myokucenter.com) joined MeaVana to create this powerful "Drink Your Tea" Dashboard that combines various pictures of teacups with Zen quotes.Enjoy these daily quotes and explore the inspiring “Drink Your Tea” dashboard from MeaVana, a state-of-the-art free Chrome extension: https://app.meavana.com/drink-your-tea.

Berber mint tea, oolong tea, white tea, are they the same or different?If you say the same, I will hit you 30 times, if you say different, I will still hit you 30 times.

Picture:Once upon a time

Your mind is trapped in duality.How can you set it free?

Picture: Escape

If the universe is burning, how can you escape it?

Picture: Summer mind

If you want to cross the ocean of suffering, you must take the ship with no bottom.Where can you find such a ship?Have a cup of tea.The ship will come.

Picture:The Journey

It's noon in NYC and 6:00pm where you live.What day is it?

Picture:Time & Space

Tea leaves teach you true dharma.What about drinking tea?


When you hear the bell ring, bow to your true Self.What does it mean? Enjoy your tea.


The wind is blowing east, the North Star is moving west.Where is the Starfish?Don’t think…drink your tea and your mind will be clear.


There's a time for being ahead, a time for being at rest.But who made time?

Picture:The Now

The grass is green, the wind is blowing, the bird is chirping.Who is breathing in you?Tea is on me.Enjoy!

Picture: Mindfulness

What is Buddha?Tea cooling off on the table.What does it mean?If you don’t understand, have another cup of tea.


If you want to see the Buddha, Buddha has already disappeared.What does it mean?

Picture:Gateless Gate

What is Buddha's original face?If you don't know, look deep into your cup.


Without speech and silence, how can you answer a question?Be careful, the tea is hot!


The Dharma has many shapes and forms.Which one is the true One? Tea, anyone?


What is Buddha?If you don't know, "go drink tea."The answer will come.

Picture:Being Alive

A master offered a cup of tea to a friend: "Don't say this is a cup of tea; and don't say this is not a cup of tea.So, what are you going to say?"If you were the friend, what would you answer?

Picture:Morning Tea

"The master keeps her mind at one with the Tao. " But the Tao is ungraspable, how can her mind be at one with it? (Zen poem entitled "This is True")

Picture:Afternoon Tea

While cleaning the alley in the garden, a monk swept a rock that hit the bell with a loud sound.The monk was enlightened instantly.What did he attain?

Picture:Evening Tea

How could I without you, and you without me grow? (from the Zen Poem "The Burning Fire").You and me are they the same or different?

Picture:Romantic Tea

How can your tea be poetic?Drink your tea and let me know. Coffee speaks in prose, tea in verse (Myoku quote)

Picture:Poetic Tea

A master lit a candle by the window and asked his attendant: "Which is the true light, the candlelight or the light reflected in the window?"If you were the attendant, what would you answer?

Picture :Zen Tea

If you attain (beyond understanding) the "don't know mind," you reach your true Self.So, I ask you again, Who are you?No ripples in the tea.Enjoy your tea!

Picture :Who Am I?

Is your mind in your body, or is your body in your mind?Be careful, the tea is hot!

Picture: Mind-Body

If mountains, stars, the universe are created by mind alone.What created mind?

Picture:Breaking Illusions

What is the sound of silence?If you attain the question, you can have your first cup of tea. The true silence is from within.Listen.What do you hear?

Picture:Sound of Silence

What is the place where all Buddhas appear?If you don't understand, go drink tea.


To attain enlightenment, you and the tea must become One.What does it mean?

Picture:Mystic Tea

The master resides at the center of the circle of life.Where is that center?


The master points to a stone lion in the garden and asks his guest: "Do you hear the lion's roar?"If you were the guest, what would you say?

Picture:Sharing Tea

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